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Do you need a complete training program for today? Do not look any further!

With apithy Sage, enjoy unlimited access to our entire catalog of constantly evolving ready-to-go courses and create your own learning plans to be pertinent, relevant, timely, playful and with a totally different instructional base than what exists on the market.

Two women and a man dressed in office clothes review training platform indicators on a tablet while working.

Power Skills

Lead your teams towards professional excellence with the maximum development of their negotiation skills, effective communication abilities, transformational leadership, business innovation and many more goals!
After approval of a new project, a group of collaborators in an office shakes hands on a table and practices on their mobile devices.

Power Values

Unleash the maximum potential of your employees by enrolling them into advanced skills for remote work digital experience, executive writing, emotional intelligence and other key fundamentals to develop corporate ethics.
Two people, dressed in protective helmets and industrial vests, verify the activities and training courses that they must take each day in a manufacturing plant.

Best Practices

Implement your industry's best practices in quality standards, manufacturing excellence, world-class logistics, ISO compliance, and world.class service management to scale the operation of your company.

With apithy Sage, train 85.7% faster than with traditional methodologies and reduce staff turnover to rates below 15%.

Source: World Economic Forum & apithy Study Case applied to 300 people between 18 and 70 years old in the manufacturing sector.

How long do organizations take to implement training plans in the region?

A pie chart from the World Economic Forum shows the time it takes for companies to implement training programs in the Latin American region.

With apithy Sage, make it easy, fast and effective! Implement your own customized training program in minutes and at low cost, transforming all your management time into strategic production.

Our customers use
apithy Sage to:

Have complete courses
ready-to go

Massify whole
training models

Launch digital
academies from scratch

Reduce infrastructure

Access to playful
material on-demand

What are the benefits of apithy Sage?

One person uses an office chart to check the day's pending and training project approvals.

Speed up any kind of “approbation”

Get the decision makers authorization and approval in record time with a training materials proposal that is ready for consumption, and a catalog in permanent evolution to implement right now.

A man, sitting on a plastic chair with a clock in the background, takes his training courses at comfortable and flexible times from a laptop.

Each one at his own pace

Train your entire staff in a single exhibition under the “each at their own pace” model, without exceeding your deadlines in the activity calendar and keeping budget costs under control.

A man uses a magnifying glass to analyze the results of his employees' digital training and other area indicators on a tablet.

Results in real time

Get specific feedback, for each employee, and expert support to define training goals, with autonomy and configurability according to the specific needs of your business and the goal you set for yourself.

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